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Based on its 17 years’ experience of delivering cyber security services to the Transport and Critical National Infrastructure services in the UK and Europe, Oxford Systems has developed a number of services to assist your organization in defending itself against the modern world of cyber and IT attacks, and complying with the increasing regulatory environment.

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NEW WORKSHOP - Developing a Cyber Security Road Map for Your Business

Format: A one day interactive workshop led by Dr John McCarthy PhD a Senior Certified Cyber Professional - Security And Information Risk Advisor

In this workshop you will learn how to assess the cyber security needs of your business and determine the most cost effective way of securing your business whilst reducing your risk.

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  • Examine Cyber Security from the standpoint of your unique business environment
  • Utilise a risk assessment matrix that considers levels of cyber risk and any key legal, regulatory, and contractual obligations that may exist
  • Learn how to identify your current Cyber Security position and providing a road map to mitigating your cyber risks

covidThese are unprecedented times for every business, to help in the current crisis we are offering a free consultation to help you manage your cyber security challenges.

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Cybersecurity Strategic Consultancy

  • Strategic review of Cybersecurity environment (Cyber Threat Evaluation)

  • Review/advise on Information Security Policies, Procedures. Governance and Standards

  • Advise on road map going forward

  • Assistance with ISO 27001 implementation

  • Review of GDPR implementation

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8o% of Cyber Security Attacks can be Mitigated by Cyber Training of ALL your Staff

Social engineering attackers are very effective at breaking into your organisation. In fact, 80% of all successful cyber-attacks have a social engineering element to them. Many businesses focus on protecting systems with complex and expensive technological solutions but fail to protect the weakest element - human nature.

Our current training courses

Vulnerability Management
Regular cyber security scans to safeguard your IT environment
Web Application Penetration Test
A series of tests to ensure your web systems are secure
Infrastructure Penetration Test
Without any service disruption test your systems against multiple forms of attack
Digital Foot Printing
Finding and reporting what is known about you that could be exploited by hackers
Social Engineering Testing
Services range from simple phishing email attacks through to actors impersonating staff and entering your premises.
Red Team Assessment
This is a combination of Web Application, Infrastructure, Social Engineering and Digital Foot Printing.

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These services assume the inevitability of a successful attack on your business. This assumption is made because all significant organisations which may provide an opportunity for a successful terrorist or other political attack, or for straightforward theft, either of information for fraud or further theft, or money, or other assets, is continuously being probed for weaknesses. 

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